Big Britches Productions is looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible. We’re excited to bring you more great shows in 2021.


By Peter Sinn Nachtrieb – Directed by Joe Garoutte
Bob: A Life in Five Acts chronicles the highly unusual life of Bob and his lifelong quest to become a “Great Man”. Born and abandoned in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant, Bob energetically embarks on an epic journey across America and encounters inspiring generosity, blissful happiness, stunning coincidences, wrong turns, lucky breaks, true love and heartbreaking loss. BOB is a comedic exploration of American mythology and values, the treacherous pursuit of happiness, and discovering what it means to be truly “great.”
Roles: Three men, two women.


Postponed until further notice.

Due to Covid-19 We have postponed this performance


By Patrick Barlow, John Buchan – Directed by Tom Burns
Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, an intriguing, riotous and unmissable comedy. The show hurtles a notorious fugitive and a spellbound blonde from a London music hall north by northwest to Scotland’s most remote highlands. Will they save Britain from a den of devious spies? A cast of four talented actors plays dozens of eccentric characters in this fast-paced tale of an ordinary man on an extraordinarily entertaining adventure.
Roles: Two men, two women.


Postponed until further notice due to Covid-19



Due to Covid-19 we, like you, are concerned with everyone’s health. We will post new dates as soon as we are able. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

All Performances at

The Bingen Theater

210 Oak St, Bingen, WA

Big Britches is a community theater production company based in the Columbia Gorge. We strive to produce high quality, entertaining shows that benefit our audiences, artists and local businesses. 

Artistic Director/ Producer: Bruce Ludwig.  Are we too big for our britches? Probably.  Much like the Bard, the performances will tell the tale.

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