Project Description

The Odd Couple (Female Version)

The classic comedy about mismatched roommates – now with extra estrogen!

Lovable slob Olive Madison takes in her anxious, neatnik friend Florence Unger who’s suffering from marital woes. Can these two opposites live together without killing each other? Adapted by Neil Simon and set in the ‘80s, get ready for big hair and big laughs from Big Britches Productions.


Olive Madison: Kathleen Morrow
Florence Unger: Rebecca Stryker
Mickey: Kathy Williams
Sylvie: Barb Berry
Renee: Amber Sheaves
Vera: Alison Palmer
Manolo Costazuela: Connor Ward
Jesus Costazuela: Texx Spezia-Shwiff


Director: Bruce Ludwig
Asst. Director: William Thayer-Daugherty
Producer: Julie Hatfield
Stage Manager: Adrian Chaton
Asst. Stage Manager: Dell Charity
Set Design & Construction: Douglas Hawksworth
Set Construction: Joe Garoutte
Set Construction: David Bick
Set Construction: Tom Butler
Set Construction: Eric Palmer
Lighting Design: Sheryn Olson
Costuming: Kathy Peldyak
Sound Engineer: Joe Garoutte
Tech Operations: Zach Dunlap
Set Décor & Props: Elizabeth Stillwell
Hair and Makeup: Anastasia Valentine
Photographer: Chris Smith
Graphic Artist: April Sampson
Videographer: David Fox