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If your answer isn’t here, please send us a note through our Contact link (above in our header) and we’ll get back to you.

When does the theater open before performances?2019-01-14T10:08:44-08:00

Our lobby and box office open 45 minutes before curtain. The theater opens 30 minutes before the performance. Please arrive at least five minutes before the performance so we can begin on time.

What is your policy for late arrivals?2019-01-14T10:09:24-08:00

Out of respect for our actors and audience members, late arrivals will not be seated until the usher deems it appropriate. Late arrivals might not be seated together (you get what you get if you’re late). The guarantee of a seat in the Premium section – if you purchased a Premium seat – expires five minutes before showtime.

I want to buy seats in the Premium section, but it’s not showing up as an option.2019-01-14T10:09:59-08:00

If Premium isn’t an option, that means the Premium section is sold out for that performance. There are still lots of great seats in the theater, don’t worry!

I saw that a show is “sold out” (both Premium and regular seats) – are tickets available at the door?2019-01-14T10:10:43-08:00

“Sold out” means all tickets for the performance have been sold. We do not hold back tickets for the door. 

While people who want to resell their tickets may come to the theater, and there’s always the chance that someone may not show up to claim their tickets, it’s a risk to come to the theater and hope you’ll get lucky. 

If the message you’re reading on the ticketing page says that the online box office is closed for tonight’s performance and you must go to the theater to buy tickets, that means that yes, there will be tickets for sale at the door. The theater box office opens 45 minutes before the performance. Any available tickets may go quickly.

Keep checking the site. We allow people to return their tickets up to 24 hours before the show, so something could pop up the day of the show once the refund has been processed. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram. If we add performances you’ll be the first to know.

Do you have waiting lists for sold out shows? 2019-01-13T18:28:38-08:00

No. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram – if we add performances you’ll be the first to know. 

How do I use my Season Pass?2019-01-14T10:12:49-08:00

Short answer: Go through the ticket process as if you’re going to buy tickets, but enter and apply your Season Pass once you’ve logged in (which the system asks you to do after you’ve chosen your tickets). Remember that the Premium seat upgrade is free for season pass holders, but must be selected when you reserve your tickets. Use the same email address you used when you bought your pass.

Detailed answer: When you bought your pass, you received a code (a word with a few letters). Click on the Buy Tickets button on our header, then select the show you want, and then the performance. Next you’ll go to the general admission section page, where you can choose Premium seating (if it’s available) and how many tickets you want. When you click “Continue” you’ll be asked to log in. Use the same email address you used when you bought your passes.

Next you’ll be taken to the Cart page. Your pass should already be entered in the Code section. If not, please enter it and click “apply.” At this point your cart should show that the tickets are now free. You can click on “Buy More” to return to the main ticketing page and select more performances and tickets, if you have unassigned tickets on your pass.

If the Premium section isn’t available when you try to reserve your tickets, that means it’s already sold out for that show, though regular seats are still available and your pass is good for those, too. Please do not fear – Bingen Theater is intimate and there are great seats throughout the theater. And you’re still getting your $5 bar voucher when you arrive at the theater!

How do I give a Season Pass as a gift?2019-01-14T10:13:26-08:00

The code you received when you bought the pass (a word with a few letters) is all you need to give to the recipient. Just be sure to not accidentally use the pass when you log in to buy tickets for yourself!

Can I redeem my Season Pass at the door?2019-01-14T10:25:35-08:00

Alas, no. Season passes can only be used to get tickets online. Please use your pass before performances sell out! 

I get Premium seats as a free upgrade with my Season Pass – will my seats be automatically upgraded?2019-01-14T10:14:06-08:00

No, it is up to you to upgrade your section when you reserve your tickets. Not everyone wants seats in the Premium section (for example, some folks prefer the balcony). If you are trying to get the Premium section but it’s not showing up as an option, that means the Premium section has sold out for that performance. Your Season Pass benefits are still good for regular adult tickets, and you’ll still receive a $5 bar voucher when you arrive at the theater. There are plenty of great seats in the theater. 

Why don’t you sell Season Passes after February 14?2019-01-14T10:19:19-08:00

Season passes are our way of rewarding folks for making a commitment to see our shows early in the season. Plus we want season pass holders to get tickets to all three shows. The later we sell Season Passes, the more likely it is that our first show will have sold out. Season Passes are not refundable, and do not transfer from year to year.

I bought a Season Pass, but I just realized I’m out of town during one of the shows. Now what?2019-01-14T10:14:36-08:00

Season Passes are flexpasses! That means you can use the three tickets for just one or two shows. For example, you could get 2 tickets to the February show – bring a friend or see it twice – and one ticket for the May show, because, say, you’ll be in Ireland throughout September and will miss September’s show. It would be a terrible shame to miss it, but we don’t feel THAT sorry for you because you’ll be in Ireland, you lucky dog.

Why can’t I buy a Season Pass and buy my tickets online in the same transaction?2019-01-14T10:15:06-08:00

You need your Season Pass code to buy tickets with your Pass, but you can’t receive that code until you finish the purchase transaction. However, once you get your code, you can get your tickets with reckless abandon. 

I want to exchange my tickets for another night, but to see the same production. Could you be a dear and just take care of that for me?2019-01-14T10:15:34-08:00

Unfortunately, we can’t. We don’t have the staff for a full time box office, and it’s better for you to exchange them. For one thing, if the new night you wanted is sold out, you can decide which available night is your next choice. It’s actually easy and quick to exchange your tickets yourself, you just need to do it at least 24 hours before the original tickets’ performance. Go to the Information column on the right of the Buy Tickets page, click on “exchange tickets online” with your purchased ticket code handy (it’s on the emailed receipt), and you’re off and running.

I reserved my tickets, but I can’t go that night. I tried to exchange them for a different production (for example, the September show instead of the May show) but the system won’t let me do that. What do I do?2019-01-14T11:02:33-08:00

If you can contact us using the Contact link up to 24 hours before showtime, we can refund your tickets. Please remember the $1.75 ticket order fee is nonrefundable. You would then go online to purchase new tickets to a different production (and yes, you’d have to pay the ticket order fee again, we can’t avoid that). If it’s less than 24 hours before your tickets’ performance, we’re sorry but the refund option isn’t available. You could try bringing your ticket to the theater before the show to see if someone would buy it from you. 

If you reserved your tickets through a Season Pass, please contact us at least 24 hours before the showtime (use the Contact link) so we can complete the process of releasing it back to your Season Pass, which gives you the chance to choose a different production. If absolutely everything is completely sold out, we’re sorry, but we do not refund Season Pass tickets. Also, Season Passes are not transferable from year to year.

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