Short answer: Go through the ticket process as if you’re going to buy tickets, but enter and apply your Season Pass once you’ve logged in (which the system asks you to do after you’ve chosen your tickets). Remember that the Premium seat upgrade is free for season pass holders, but must be selected when you reserve your tickets. Use the same email address you used when you bought your pass.

Detailed answer: When you bought your pass, you received a code (a word with a few letters). Click on the Buy Tickets button on our header, then select the show you want, and then the performance. Next you’ll go to the general admission section page, where you can choose Premium seating (if it’s available) and how many tickets you want. When you click “Continue” you’ll be asked to log in. Use the same email address you used when you bought your passes.

Next you’ll be taken to the Cart page. Your pass should already be entered in the Code section. If not, please enter it and click “apply.” At this point your cart should show that the tickets are now free. You can click on “Buy More” to return to the main ticketing page and select more performances and tickets, if you have unassigned tickets on your pass.

If the Premium section isn’t available when you try to reserve your tickets, that means it’s already sold out for that show, though regular seats are still available and your pass is good for those, too. Please do not fear – Bingen Theater is intimate and there are great seats throughout the theater. And you’re still getting your $5 bar voucher when you arrive at the theater!