LEADING LADIES AUDITIONS  November 18,19, 20 at 6:30pm

Location: Bingen Theater, 210 Oak St, Bingen, WA  directions
What: Cold reading
Show: February 7-22, 2020 (possibly extending through February 29)

Big Britches Productions is seeking cast and crew, from throughout the Gorge, for its first show of 2020. Rehearsals will start in mid-November, and production dates are February 7 – 22, with a possibility of extending to February 29. Those new to theatre in the Gorge are welcome and encouraged to attend. All cast and crew will receive a small stipend.

By Ken Ludwig – Directed by Bruce Ludwig (no relation!)
Leading Ladies is a comedy involving two English Shakespearean actors, Jack and Leo, who find themselves so down on their luck that they are performing “Scenes from Shakespeare” in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. When they hear that an old lady in York, PA is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her relatives. But, when they get to York, they find that the relatives aren’t nephews, but nieces! Romantic entanglements abound, especially when Leo falls in love with the old lady’s niece! Setting circa 1958.

Roles: Five men, three women.


Leo Clark: Adult male, leading role
Meg Snider: Adult female, leading role
Jack Gable: Adult male, supporting
Rev. Duncan Woolery: Adult male, supporting
Doctor Myers: Adult, Mature adult male, supporting
Florence: Mature adult, elderly adult female, supporting
Butch Myers: Late teen, young adult male, supporting
Audrey: Late teen, young adult female, supporting


A show is what happens when many people come together to create something magical. We welcome skilled, experienced volunteers, but we also appreciate folks who want to try something new. Use the Contact link in the header to tell us what you’re interested in doing. Here are some ways you might be able to help:

  • Set Construction
  • Painting
  • Set Design
  • Set Décor
  • Props
  • Tech (such as lighting or sound)
  • Stage Management
  • Costuming or Alterations
  • Ushering
  • Ticketing
  • Bartending (must have valid Washington alcohol server’s permit)

You’d be surprised at the kinds of skills we might need, such as hanging wall paper, wiring a low-voltage doorbell, or making a turkey out of paper-mache that looks delicious. Actors, stage crew, and production crew (depending on time contributed) are eligible for small stipends.

Tip: We nearly always need ushers, and that’s a great way to dip your toe into the theater community and see if you’d like to do more.


The Gorge is blessed with a tremendous number of skilled actors, but we’re always on the lookout for new faces. We’re actors too, and we know how nerve-wracking auditions can be. We try to put you at ease and make the audition fun. If you don’t get a part, please come back and try again. We know EXACTLY what it’s like to audition over and over before landing a role. Actors, stage crew, and production crew (depending on time contributed) are eligible for small stipends.

Tip #1: Ask for a copy of the sides (script excerpts used for the audition), and also try to read the whole script before you audition. You’ll have a better idea of the available roles, and you’ll feel more prepared, which will help you relax and have fun. You do not need to memorize the sides (it’s probably better if you don’t).

Tip #2: Check the preliminary rehearsal schedule in advance and note any conflicts on your audition form. Conflicts don’t mean you won’t get cast, but they do help the director finalize who rehearses when. Double check that you can be at every performance.

Tip #3: Bring a list of shows you’ve been in and roles you played so you’re ready to fill out the audition form. It’s amazing how one’s mind can go blank when audition nerves kick in.